Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

Motivation story



Okay, this time I will post a story, I obtained this story from a short movie that contains a very good moral message. The movie is short and packed with comedy, so it is fun to watch. Let me go straigtht to the story.

One day, in a desert which is very barren. Suddenly, a man stranded there and looks confused. Then he walked past the desert, after a long way he saw a puddle of water. when he drink the water, miraculously he was back stranded in the desert and the water it drains turns into sand. The man looked annoyed, but he still tried to walk like the way that he pass before that is cliffs and forest. Then he saw a puddle of water, like before he drink water and mysteriously he back to desert.

With fatigue, he continued walking through the desert. Finally he found water again,out of annoyance he did not care. Then the man walk past it without drinking the water. 
He kept walking until he reached the street, and he saw there was a car going past and stop it. The driver gave a ride and offers a drink. He took it and immediately drank it, but strangely he was back stranded in the desert.

He looks upset, and walked back through the desert, cliffs, forest and also the puddle of water. Finally he met the driver again, and shout "STOP" to shop the car and he is getting a ride back. When the driver offered a drink, the man refused for fear of getting stranded back in the desert.

Finally the man arrived at his home, and immediately lay down on the couch. He also glanced at the water droplets in the tap. Then he took a glass and filled it with water and ice cubes. Because really afraid first he tasting the water, but nothing happened. Then he drank the water in a rush. Then he ran to the pool and swimming freely but strangely, he was back stranded in the desert.

Suddenly, the man was in suburbs asleep. In his sleep he remembered the moment when he refused to give water to an old man, then he awoke. Then pass a woman in front of the man, the woman was walking with a dog and a bottle of water in her hand. The man said to the woman to share the water for him, but arrogantly the woman refused and said the water for her dog and go to  the bathroom if you need water.

After that, the woman disappeared miraculously and it turns out he was stranded in the desert. The bottle of water in her hand is become sand.

Many of the lesson we can take from this story. That is human must help others, do not arrogant, and be good to others. Because we will know what it is like to suffer when we are in the position of the person who asked for help to us before. So help people as much as you can and do not say rude to others.




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