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Shopping Center : Suzuya Mall

Suzuya Mall

Suzuya Mall is a famous shopping center. It is located in Banda Aceh, at Jl. Teuku Umar Lamteumen Timur. It is near Seutui Market.
There are many choices to shopping. Suzuya Mall has 4 floor which make you interested to shopping. In that place also has a very large parking area, and safety too.

First floor it's  full with cafe or hang-out place. the second floor has cafe too, and also has supermarket product .
 If you are a bread lovers, in that floor has Bread Talk. it's sell various of bread, and believe me that's really delicious.
Supermarket product in the floor like junk food or fast food, drink, snack, fruits, cake, ingredients to cook, dools, beauty and cleanness product, and many more.

In the third floor, it has clothes product, shoes, accesories, and others. You also can find many facilities to play the game, and karaoke too.
And the last floor that's sell  many household goods. One of them is Ace Hardware, which provide lots of choices to customer.

That's all about Suzuya Mall Banda Aceh. So, happy shopping.
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Jennyfer Horatius mengatakan...

Let's go there together !! XD

Raisha Faranisa mengatakan...

okay,good idea. lets find the perfect time to go there :) :) :)

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