Senin, 28 Agustus 2017

fable by me

 Chicken and Monkey

By; Raisha Faranisa

A bright morning makes all the inhabitants of the jungle spirit in the move.
 However, not with the monkey who looks lazy to work.
When all are looking for food, the monkeys just sleep under a tree.
Then came a chicken to the monkey and said. 
"monkey, why are you just sleeping and lazing here, while others are looking for food, 
are not you afraid of food shortages later?".
"I do not care, I can easily find food whenever I want," replied the monkey with his arrogance.
Then the chicken went to leave the monkey and continued to find food.

One day the cock saw a monkey that looked confused.
"why you look confused monkeys?" asked the chicken.
"I'm surprised, all the food in this forest is not there, I'm very hungry". The monkey replied wearily.
"it is true that you say chicken, I have to diligently search for food, not good lazy". The monkey added.
"good is you finally realize monkey" replied the chicken.

Since then monkeys were so diligent and willing to join with other animals.

Fable "animal stories'

Rabbit and Squirrel 

By : Raisha Faranisa

One day there was a rabbit walking in the forest.
 He saw a squirrel crying. he approached the squirrel. 
"Hi squirrel, why are you crying?".
"I'm hungry" replied the squirrel.
At that time the rabbit was holding a berry, then the rabbit
 shared his food with the squirrel.

They ate together, and from that moment the two animals became good friends.
They always play together and help each other out, foraging together.

Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

Philosophy of Coffee

Collection Of Words About Coffee Morning Raditya Dika

When I was reading an article on coffee philosophy, I got an article about the wise words about coffee from Raditya Dika. And this time I will share it with you all.

"The first coffee of the day. Dark, warm, do not want to run out. Like the silence we share, every journey home to you. "

    "First coffee this morning, sweet and cold. Like your face in reverie, in a rain. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, the longer the sweet. Like two people who initially hate each other, and then accidentally fall in love. "

    "First coffee this morning. Hard. As love is increasingly on hold, the more fierce. "

    "First coffee this morning. Cold, too late to drink. Like a late love. "

    "First coffee this morning. Cold. It's like the rain with the old memories. "

    "The first coffee of the day. Warm, sweet. Like a love that comes without signs, between two strangers, at a coincidence. "

    "The first coffee of the day. Warm. Like longing to wait. "

    "The first coffee of the day. Sweet, creamy, fragrant. As love is increasingly on hold, the more fierce. "

    "First coffee this morning. Sweet, warm, thick. Like a love that grows without permission. "

    "First coffee this morning. Sweet, fragrant, warm. It's like accidentally daydreaming about you in the middle of a journey. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, sweet, warm. Like two people who meet at the wrong time, then miss each other. "

    "The first coffee of the day. Black, bitter, imprint. Like a shadow of the past that is not opaque enough to be ignored. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, there is a longing to seize. Sweet, there is a love that is gulped without haste. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, no other flavor. Like someone who spent his youth loving the wrong people. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, disguised sweet. It's like someone who has a hard time distinguishing from falling in love with curiosity. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, dense, left over. As someone abandoned, without a word of apology. "

There are still many other words from Raditya Dika about coffee. But I only share a few words. Hopefully you like and hopefully useful. 😍👄

Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

English Poem by me

Angel without wings.

by : Raisha Faranisa


You are the first woman in my life
You never give up to teach me
You always guide me in life
Without a doubt, you always protect me
Every day you always remember your child
In every prayer you always call your child's name
Do you know mom?
My greatest happiness is to see you smile
And your smile is because of me
You are an angel without wings to me in this world.

Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Care about your face

Cause Of Acne

Hi reader. This time it's about health. I will discuss facial health this time. Well, who likes if there is acne on the face ?. Of course no one expects it.
Okay, just see the cause of acne common to the face.

  • Genetic or hereditary factors.
  • As a result of the hormone testosterone if in men   
  • Bacteria that infect through the pores of the face
  • Scratching face that can irritate the skin
  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Age factor
  • Blockage of the facial pores due to dead skin cells
  • Consume alcoholic beverages and smoking
  • Lack of consuming foods containing Vitamin A and Vitamin B
  • Hold and squeeze pimples
  • Too often exposed to direct sun exposure
  • Less maintain facial hygiene with a routine face wash
  • Dirty hair that sticks to the face
  • Because too much of a burden of mind or stress
  • Due to overactive oil glands
  • Because of the decrease in hormones in women
  • Because blood is dirt
  • As a result of taking birth control pills
  • Due to dirty air pollution
  • Eating too much chocolate
  • Allergic to chemicals contained in cosmetics
  • Consume less water
  • Less to keep skin clean
Okay, that's some of the problems that can cause acne. From now on treat your face to be away from acne. 💟😊

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

New Spirit

Motivation Word. 

Words are things that can make a person rise or worse. This time I will post a word of motivation that will be useful for your days.
 Hasil gambar untuk kata motivasi
  • Positive and optimistic thinking looks like a trivial poetry sentence, but realized that is very important in the role you make decisions that will determine success or destruction.

  • Think before you speak, because then you will reduce any errors that may occur.

  •  If you have a desire to start, you must also have the courage and desire to finish it, not just to end it.

  • No matter what your day, never let someone make you feel that you do not deserve what you want.

  • Sometimes, you try to avoid something, not that you hate it. You want it but you know it's wrong.

  • Do not be afraid of change. We may lose something good, but we will get something better again.

  • God will not give you more trials. When in despair, remember, if God gave him you, He will help you through it.

  • When someone you strongly believe is deceiving you, know that you are learning to be more trust in yourself.

Unique meatballs

 Some unique meatballs in Indonesia.

Hi food lovers. Surely you are not foreign anymore with this one food. Namely meatballs. For you meatballs lovers. You must know some unique meatballs in Indonesia.

1. Devils Meatballs

Soy meatballs are unique when viewed in terms of size, the size of the demon meatball this guy whiz! With a giant size makes this meatball different from the usual course for people who are really hungry.

But who would have thought in terms of taste is also steady. Minced meat, tendon, and there was a bit of corned be mixed so taste . His homework is how to spend this giant meatball ..

2. Fried Rambutan Meatballs.

Why meatball is spelled rambutan because a little like rambutan, form of meatball is a little long because long and cover meatballs.

3. Meatballs Penyet

Unique meatballs that served fried way served with a mixture of spice herbs, very fitting for your meal plus a plate of warm rice.

4. Monkot Tomato Meatballs

This meatball is quite unique, because the meatball wrapped with tomatoes. So this meatball is located inside the tomato.

5. Candy meatballs.

This meatball is unique because its shape resembles candy, maybe there should be a little patience to make this meatball. Because of the funny shape of this would be liked by small children.

And there are many other unique meatballs that exist in Indonesia.

Let's Be Creative guys.

 Creation of phone holder

 Well one more creations that you can try to take advantage of used goods. Creation of phone holder that only capitalize bottle lotion of this former make you no need to bother dealing with HP charger cable which stands or shortness.

Ever encounter problems when your HP is in charge but cable extension? Or the cable is too short and not until if you have put a table or a buffer? Quiet. Now you can make your own phone holder from a lotion bottle. Material makes it easy too:

    Used lotion bottle (note the lotion size yes, if your HP entered it)
    Rags (design the fabric as you please)
    White glue

Here are the steps:

1. Make a pattern on the bottle with a pen

 2. Cut the pattern neatly

 3. Make a hole on the back of the size with your charger.

4. Apply white glue to all the outside of your phone holder.

5. Attach a patchwork to cover the outside of the phone holder.

6. You just tidy up and cut the fabric according to your phone holder pattern.

Easy really right? It turns out a lotion bottle can also be useful 'right so it should not be thrown away.

Such tips to take advantage of goods that are considered less important .  You can be creative if the tips above there are shortcomings. Good luck!  😍😎

Let's be creative

Multipurpose place

Hi girl, surely many of you do not like if your make up tools mess. Try creating with colorful bottles! The make-up tool is neatly organized and the spirit touch-up .

If you have colored bottles, do not throw them away. Can still be used, can be a place of toiletries, make-up equipment, cotton bud, cotton etc. What must be prepared is a colorful bottle, cutter / knife, scissors and iron. The steps make it:

1. Cut the neck of the bottle with the cutter / knife

2. Trim the cut with scissors

3. Turn on the iron and wait a while until warm. Then, stick the cut to the iron about 1-2 minutes while playing around.

With 3 simple steps that you can get a colorful multipurpose place that is funny and beautiful views.

Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017


 About lime

Hasil gambar untuk lime

Talking health problems is endless. This time I will discuss about the fruit that very much benefit. Although small, but the benefits are very remarkable.
  1.     Dysentery.
  2.     Constipation.
  3.     Hemorrhoid.
  4.     Menstruation is irregular.
  5.     Diphtheria.
  6.     Acne.
  7.     Headache or vertigo.
  8.     Hoarseness.
  9.     Cough.
  10.     Body odor.
  11.     Increase appetite.
  12.     Prevent hair loss.
  13.     Dandruff.
  14.     Flu.
  15.     Fever.
  16.     Too fat.
  17.     Tonsils.
  18.     Urinating pain.
  19.     Nosebleed.
  20.     Inflammation of the nose.
  21.     Prevent kidney stones.
  22.     Strengthens the heart.
  23.     Kidney Stone Drugs.

Spicy Lovers

About Spicy Food 

 Gambar terkait

This post I will discuss about health again. I am a person who loves to eat spicy food. Are we the same?
And eating spicy food is beneficial.
 Here are some benefits from spicy food :

1. Lose weight

Chili contains capsaicin which will speed up metabolism and help the body burn calories faster. This happens because capsaicin raises the body temperature and plays a role in increased heart rate. 2. Healthy heart

Chili healthy heart by preventing blood clotting. Research also shows that bad cholesterol / LDL can prevent oxidation that can cause blockage of blood vessels. Capsaicin is also effective against inflammation, which has been identified as a risk factor for heart disease.

3. Smooth circulation

Spicy foods will release circulation and lower blood pressure. Chili also helps strengthen blood vessel walls because of its vitamin A and C content.

4. Anticancer

Many studies show regular consumption of spicy foods will reduce the risk of cancer.

5. Improving the function of digestion

The benefits of chili in the gastrointestinal tract are improving blood circulation in the abdomen and increasing the mucus layer. Capsaicin also helps kill H.pylori bacteria that cause heartburn. However, if you experience heartburn after a spicy meal, try an antiacid tablet that will neutralize the acid in the stomach.

6. Flu

Capsaicin helps increase the expenditure of sweat and relieves the symptoms of the disruptive flu. Spicy foods will also help open the airway, reduce sinusitis, and other flu symptoms.

7. Sleep well

Researchers from Australia found people who regularly eat spicy food more easily sleep. They also tend to wake up early and be fresher.

8. Maintain the mood

Red chili boosts levels of endorphins and serotonin that relieve pain and give feelings of comfort. This hormone can behave like a contrarian of stress and depression.

9. Smooth breathing

Spicy foods act like espektoran and help people with asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, and other respiratory diseases breathe better.

But do not eat too much too okay. 😆😊

Review Product

So Klin Liquid.

This time still review product that I use. This time about hygiene products, this for the washing liquid.
 '7 Concentrated Liquid Detergent Concentration' owned by 'So Klin Liquid: This Missing, Perfectly Clean stains':

   1.  Cleaning is easy and fast.
   2.  Anti-bacterial formula does not smell even soaked long. Right! Because I soaked it all day
   3. Easy to dissolve and absorb, leaving no residue on the clothes. Because it dissolves quickly then do      not worry there is residual detergent on the laundry.
    4. Perfumed fragrance.
    5.  Keep the clothing color bright. Yups. Because my napkin was still bright
    6.  Gentle, not hot in hand. Suitable for those who have sensitive skin
    7. Environmentally friendly. This is important because detergents absorb into the soil and can contaminate ground water.

       I recommend this liquid detergent for you  💓😀

Review Product

Glade One For All Orange Peach

Hasil gambar untuk glade orange peach baru

A fragrant room certainly can make us feel at home. One of the things that can help the room so fragrant that is perfume room. This time I will discuss a perfume product room that I use.
I use Glade Orange Peach .

Glade One For All Orange Peach 70g is a gassy air deodorizer designed to provide a natural state in the home or car room. Glade One For All The Orange Peach comes with a soft and durable fragrance from a fresh blend of citrus and peach to provide a relaxed atmosphere in your home or car. Designed in practical pouch packaging, making this Glade One For All air freshener can be hung anywhere like in air conditioners or fans. Pamper your family with the soft, long lasting fragrance and freshness of Glade One For All Orange Peach 70g. Simply clip the bag of Glade One for All as directed and place it in the place or room you want.
I really like the refreshing fragrance. And made me feel at home in that room. I highly recommend this product because the fragrance is light but pleasant.