Senin, 28 Agustus 2017

fable by me

 Chicken and Monkey

By; Raisha Faranisa

A bright morning makes all the inhabitants of the jungle spirit in the move.
 However, not with the monkey who looks lazy to work.
When all are looking for food, the monkeys just sleep under a tree.
Then came a chicken to the monkey and said. 
"monkey, why are you just sleeping and lazing here, while others are looking for food, 
are not you afraid of food shortages later?".
"I do not care, I can easily find food whenever I want," replied the monkey with his arrogance.
Then the chicken went to leave the monkey and continued to find food.

One day the cock saw a monkey that looked confused.
"why you look confused monkeys?" asked the chicken.
"I'm surprised, all the food in this forest is not there, I'm very hungry". The monkey replied wearily.
"it is true that you say chicken, I have to diligently search for food, not good lazy". The monkey added.
"good is you finally realize monkey" replied the chicken.

Since then monkeys were so diligent and willing to join with other animals.

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