Minggu, 21 Mei 2017

My favorite cartoon


 Hi, this time i will post an article about my favorite cartoon that is doraemon.
Doraemon character color was the same as one of my favorite colors, that is blue.  
     Name    : Doraemon
    Date of birth: 2112-9-3 (3 September 2112)

    Place of birth: Robot Factory "Matshusiba"

    Made by: Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Abiko

    Height: 129.3 cm

    Weight: 129.3 kg

    Head circumference: 129.3 cm

    Chest circumference: 129.3 cm

    Hand Circumference: 129.3 mm

    Foot circumference: 129.3 mm

    High jump: 129.3 cm

    Running speed: 129.3 km / hour

    Maximum strength: 129.3 bhp

    Favorite food: Dorayaki

    Hated things: Mouse and cold

    Original Owner: Sewashi (great-grandchild of the 22nd century)

    Mission: Changing Nobita's future 
 That's all about the cute character. "DORAEMON"

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