Kamis, 20 Juli 2017

How to save the water at home

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 5 steps for saving the water at home :


1. Use shower and water-efficient faucet. Bathing with a dipper can spend about 15 liters of water. Bathing  with a shower can save water more than 60 percent.

2.  Finish the plants in the morning watering the plants during the day will make the evaporate before being absorbed. Suggested to plant in the rainy season because at the beginning of its development, plants need more water.

3. Turn of the faucet when wasting hands and brushing teeth. Limit the use of water with a glass or scoop, this can save 11liters of water per day. 

4. Wise in washing clothes. Wash clothes when the pile of clothes quite a lot and according to engine capacity. Using water - efficient washing machine can save  11,400-34,000 liters of water/ year.

5. Reduce the spray on the toilet. Minimize the use of spray on the toilet seat. No need to overuse in using it. If the smell and dirt are gone, there is no need to flush the toilet again. Use a closet with multiple sprinkler options that are currently on the market. 

(Source : Kompas.com)

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