Minggu, 30 Juli 2017

Save the electicity

In my Previous post, I have post how to save water. This time I will convey a way of saving electricity.
Lets see how to save the electricity.

1. Replace incandescent lamp with LED, 
    Light Emitting Diodes (LED) type lamps have the advantage of more energy-efficient than incandescent     lamps. LED lights are also more durable.

2. Use electronic equipment that has energy-saving features, There are now many more electronic appliances. For example, LED television. The use of electric tube television can reach 100 watts. While the LED television only needs 50 watts only.

If using a computer at home, can also replace the screen with LED screen. Or replace it with a laptop. Electricity required for laptops is smaller than desktop computers. 

3. Do not use the washer and ironing every day

Iron heating requires a large electrical power. So it's worth ironing ironing not done every day. Similarly with a washing machine. Unfortunately also if the washing machine is used less than the capacity owned.

How to save electricity can also be done by reducing the use of washing machine dryer. If the weather is sunny, take advantage of sun power to dry clothes.

4. Create better air circulation and light at home

With adequate air circulation, the use of air conditioning can be reduced. Air conditioning is only necessary at the time it takes. Good lighting will also reduce the use of the light during the day. Do not forget to turn off all lights and AC when leaving home.

5. Unplug the cable from the plug when not in use

This habitude seems trivial. But the savings can be quite significant.

Mobile phone or laptop charger cable should not be left in the plug if unused. While still stuck, the electricity will still flow. Electricity is wasted. The more unused cables are stuck, the more electricity is wasted.

6. Replace the use of electricity with the pulse system

This method is like filling the mobile phone pulse. If the electrical pulse is exhausted, the electricity will automatically stop.

Users can see the remaining power according to available pulses. If it is running out, while the electricity cost budget is short, then it's time to save enough until the end of the month.

7. Do not miss the discount promo

Now electric pulses can be purchased at various online stores. They often hold a promo in the form of discounts and for-for vouchers. Such a promotion can be used to purchase electric pulses. Quite saving on spending right?.

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