Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

Philosophy of Coffee

Collection Of Words About Coffee Morning Raditya Dika

When I was reading an article on coffee philosophy, I got an article about the wise words about coffee from Raditya Dika. And this time I will share it with you all.

"The first coffee of the day. Dark, warm, do not want to run out. Like the silence we share, every journey home to you. "

    "First coffee this morning, sweet and cold. Like your face in reverie, in a rain. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, the longer the sweet. Like two people who initially hate each other, and then accidentally fall in love. "

    "First coffee this morning. Hard. As love is increasingly on hold, the more fierce. "

    "First coffee this morning. Cold, too late to drink. Like a late love. "

    "First coffee this morning. Cold. It's like the rain with the old memories. "

    "The first coffee of the day. Warm, sweet. Like a love that comes without signs, between two strangers, at a coincidence. "

    "The first coffee of the day. Warm. Like longing to wait. "

    "The first coffee of the day. Sweet, creamy, fragrant. As love is increasingly on hold, the more fierce. "

    "First coffee this morning. Sweet, warm, thick. Like a love that grows without permission. "

    "First coffee this morning. Sweet, fragrant, warm. It's like accidentally daydreaming about you in the middle of a journey. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, sweet, warm. Like two people who meet at the wrong time, then miss each other. "

    "The first coffee of the day. Black, bitter, imprint. Like a shadow of the past that is not opaque enough to be ignored. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, there is a longing to seize. Sweet, there is a love that is gulped without haste. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, no other flavor. Like someone who spent his youth loving the wrong people. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, disguised sweet. It's like someone who has a hard time distinguishing from falling in love with curiosity. "

    "First coffee this morning. Bitter, dense, left over. As someone abandoned, without a word of apology. "

There are still many other words from Raditya Dika about coffee. But I only share a few words. Hopefully you like and hopefully useful. 😍👄

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