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The inventor of Camera

I have ever got a presentation assignment of a character. And I chose to present a biography of a character that I find extraordinary because the object we use today is the result of the science that he has. He is Ibnu Haitham. 
Abu Ali Muhammad al-Hasan ibn al-Haitham (Arabic: ابو علی, حسن بن حسن بن الهيثم) or Ibn Haitham (Bashrah, 965 - Qahirah 1039), in the west is better known as Alhazen. Is an Islamic scientist who is expert in the fields of science, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, medicine, and philosophy. He has also done a lot of research on light, and has inspired many western scientists, such as Roger Bacon, and Kepler in creating microscopes and telescopes.

History has proven how the Islamic world has given birth to many great scholars and scientists in the fields of philosophy, science, politics, literature, society, religion, medicine, and so on. One feature that can be seen in Islamic scholars is that they are not only able to master the science at a young age, but in a short period can master several fields of science simultaneously.

Although Haitsam is better known in science and medicine, he is also an expert in religion, philosophy, and astronomy. One of these figures is Ibn Haitham or Abu Ali Muhammad al-Hasan bin al-Haitham.


Ibn Haitham proves that he is passionate about seeking and deepening knowledge in his youth, so he succeeds in writing many books and papers. Among the books of his work:

    Al-Jami 'fi Ushulul Hisab which contains the theories of metametics and metametics of analysis;
    At-Tahlil wat Takrib about geometry;
    Book of Tahlilul Masa'ilul Adadiyah on algebra;
    Maqalah fi Istikhraj Simatul Qiblah which discusses the direction of Qiblah for all the Overseas;
    Maqalah fima Tad'u discusses the use of geometry in the legal and social affairs
    Sina'atusy Syi'r's treatise on poetry writing techniques.

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