Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Care about your face

Cause Of Acne

Hi reader. This time it's about health. I will discuss facial health this time. Well, who likes if there is acne on the face ?. Of course no one expects it.
Okay, just see the cause of acne common to the face.

  • Genetic or hereditary factors.
  • As a result of the hormone testosterone if in men   
  • Bacteria that infect through the pores of the face
  • Scratching face that can irritate the skin
  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Age factor
  • Blockage of the facial pores due to dead skin cells
  • Consume alcoholic beverages and smoking
  • Lack of consuming foods containing Vitamin A and Vitamin B
  • Hold and squeeze pimples
  • Too often exposed to direct sun exposure
  • Less maintain facial hygiene with a routine face wash
  • Dirty hair that sticks to the face
  • Because too much of a burden of mind or stress
  • Due to overactive oil glands
  • Because of the decrease in hormones in women
  • Because blood is dirt
  • As a result of taking birth control pills
  • Due to dirty air pollution
  • Eating too much chocolate
  • Allergic to chemicals contained in cosmetics
  • Consume less water
  • Less to keep skin clean
Okay, that's some of the problems that can cause acne. From now on treat your face to be away from acne. 💟😊

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