Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

New Spirit

Motivation Word. 

Words are things that can make a person rise or worse. This time I will post a word of motivation that will be useful for your days.
 Hasil gambar untuk kata motivasi
  • Positive and optimistic thinking looks like a trivial poetry sentence, but realized that is very important in the role you make decisions that will determine success or destruction.

  • Think before you speak, because then you will reduce any errors that may occur.

  •  If you have a desire to start, you must also have the courage and desire to finish it, not just to end it.

  • No matter what your day, never let someone make you feel that you do not deserve what you want.

  • Sometimes, you try to avoid something, not that you hate it. You want it but you know it's wrong.

  • Do not be afraid of change. We may lose something good, but we will get something better again.

  • God will not give you more trials. When in despair, remember, if God gave him you, He will help you through it.

  • When someone you strongly believe is deceiving you, know that you are learning to be more trust in yourself.

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