Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

Let's be creative

Multipurpose place

Hi girl, surely many of you do not like if your make up tools mess. Try creating with colorful bottles! The make-up tool is neatly organized and the spirit touch-up .

If you have colored bottles, do not throw them away. Can still be used, can be a place of toiletries, make-up equipment, cotton bud, cotton etc. What must be prepared is a colorful bottle, cutter / knife, scissors and iron. The steps make it:

1. Cut the neck of the bottle with the cutter / knife

2. Trim the cut with scissors

3. Turn on the iron and wait a while until warm. Then, stick the cut to the iron about 1-2 minutes while playing around.

With 3 simple steps that you can get a colorful multipurpose place that is funny and beautiful views.

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