Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

Let's Be Creative guys.

 Creation of phone holder

 Well one more creations that you can try to take advantage of used goods. Creation of phone holder that only capitalize bottle lotion of this former make you no need to bother dealing with HP charger cable which stands or shortness.

Ever encounter problems when your HP is in charge but cable extension? Or the cable is too short and not until if you have put a table or a buffer? Quiet. Now you can make your own phone holder from a lotion bottle. Material makes it easy too:

    Used lotion bottle (note the lotion size yes, if your HP entered it)
    Rags (design the fabric as you please)
    White glue

Here are the steps:

1. Make a pattern on the bottle with a pen

 2. Cut the pattern neatly

 3. Make a hole on the back of the size with your charger.

4. Apply white glue to all the outside of your phone holder.

5. Attach a patchwork to cover the outside of the phone holder.

6. You just tidy up and cut the fabric according to your phone holder pattern.

Easy really right? It turns out a lotion bottle can also be useful 'right so it should not be thrown away.

Such tips to take advantage of goods that are considered less important .  You can be creative if the tips above there are shortcomings. Good luck!  😍😎

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