Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

Review Product

So Klin Liquid.

This time still review product that I use. This time about hygiene products, this for the washing liquid.
 '7 Concentrated Liquid Detergent Concentration' owned by 'So Klin Liquid: This Missing, Perfectly Clean stains':

   1.  Cleaning is easy and fast.
   2.  Anti-bacterial formula does not smell even soaked long. Right! Because I soaked it all day
   3. Easy to dissolve and absorb, leaving no residue on the clothes. Because it dissolves quickly then do      not worry there is residual detergent on the laundry.
    4. Perfumed fragrance.
    5.  Keep the clothing color bright. Yups. Because my napkin was still bright
    6.  Gentle, not hot in hand. Suitable for those who have sensitive skin
    7. Environmentally friendly. This is important because detergents absorb into the soil and can contaminate ground water.

       I recommend this liquid detergent for you  💓😀

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