Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

Unique meatballs

 Some unique meatballs in Indonesia.

Hi food lovers. Surely you are not foreign anymore with this one food. Namely meatballs. For you meatballs lovers. You must know some unique meatballs in Indonesia.

1. Devils Meatballs

Soy meatballs are unique when viewed in terms of size, the size of the demon meatball this guy whiz! With a giant size makes this meatball different from the usual course for people who are really hungry.

But who would have thought in terms of taste is also steady. Minced meat, tendon, and there was a bit of corned be mixed so taste . His homework is how to spend this giant meatball ..

2. Fried Rambutan Meatballs.

Why meatball is spelled rambutan because a little like rambutan, form of meatball is a little long because long and cover meatballs.

3. Meatballs Penyet

Unique meatballs that served fried way served with a mixture of spice herbs, very fitting for your meal plus a plate of warm rice.

4. Monkot Tomato Meatballs

This meatball is quite unique, because the meatball wrapped with tomatoes. So this meatball is located inside the tomato.

5. Candy meatballs.

This meatball is unique because its shape resembles candy, maybe there should be a little patience to make this meatball. Because of the funny shape of this would be liked by small children.

And there are many other unique meatballs that exist in Indonesia.

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